Why Choose Us?

Continuity of care

continuity of care

We strongly believe in continuity of care that begins before birth and continues into the postpartum period. We value building strong relationships with our clients.


Balanced Beginnings Doulas was founded in 2003 and we have over 70 years of
cumulative experience supporting families.
Prenatal doulas

community resources

We are deeply rooted in the community and have connections to the best and most sought-after resources the Boulder and surrounding areas have to offer.



We welcome and support families from all backgrounds, supporting all birth paths and postpartum circumstances.
complementary photography doulas


We offer photography to capture this magical time.


birth attendance

This is our labor of love, we only need to utilize back-up support 5% of the time for unforeseen circumstances.

Meet the Doulas

Lisa Waldo Doula

Lisa Waldo

Kendall Bullock doula

Kendall Bullock

Kristen Estelle Schneck doula

Kristen Estelle Schneck

Chelsea Dreyer doula

Chelsea Dreyer

Emily Vlietstra doula

Emily Vlietstra

We strongly believe that every birthing person deserves access to doula support and will connect you with a doula within your budget. Balanced Beginnings Doulas is a group of independent doulas. Each doula is an independent business, though we often collaborate to best support clients. If you hire one of our group members, you are hiring an independent doula.
Lisa Waldo Doula
Birth and Postpartum Doula
Doula Mentor
Doula Workshop Facilitator
TRICARE and Carrrot Approved

Lisa Waldo

Certified as a Birth and Postpartum Doula, Lisa has over 35 years of doula experience and is trained in the Bradley Method of childbirth. Since founding Balanced Beginnings Doulas, the longest-standing doula group in Colorado, in 2003, Lisa has supported countless families in Boulder and surrounding areas and has witnessed over 1,200 births. Feeling deeply committed to passing her knowledge and skills to new doulas, Lisa loves co-teaching doula workshops in Maui, www.doulasofmaui.com.

She has also worked as a Child Life Specialist and Activity Therapist in hospitals with children and families. Lisa has a B.S. in Family and Child Development and has volunteered with abused children, pregnant teens, and youth groups.

Having worked as a fitness instructor for many years allows Lisa to integrate the importance of health and fitness into her work as a doula. Lisa values building relationships and providing continuity in care to families, supporting them through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Living and traveling abroad have contributed to Lisa’s ability to engage with multicultural families.

Her accumulated education and experience enable her to thrive within varied family dynamics, supporting families with fertility issues, single mothers, mothers with a history of eating disorders or sexual abuse, and those experiencing grief and loss. When not busy with her four children, Lisa enjoys hiking, skiing, biking, photography, and mountain living. She also shares her creativity as a children’s book author at www.adventuresonpeacefulmountain.com.

Birth Doula Support: Boulder County $2500
Birth Photography: $300 for birth doula clients
Postpartum Doula Support: $50/hour (4 hour minimum)
Virtual/In-Person Consulting: $100/hour
Photoshoot: $300 (for non-doula clients)


Kendall Bullock
Birth Doula (DTI)
Postpartum Doula (DTI)
Birth Educator (BBCI)
Yoga Teacher E-RYT 200
Carrot Approved

Kendall Bullock

Kendall is a dedicated Full Spectrum Doula certified by Doula Trainings International since 2019, a nurturing Birth Educator certified by Birth Boot Camp, and a 200 RYT Yoga Teacher.

As a mother of two, Kendall’s personal experience ignited her passion for doula work, recognizing the transformative impact of continuous support and advocacy during her own pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period when her son had a stint in the NICU. Fueled by her thirst for knowledge, Kendall remains deeply engaged in ongoing education and training, ensuring she stays at the forefront of her field.

Kendall’s comprehensive birth education training equips her to provide evidence-based information and resources, empowering her clients to make informed decisions about their birthing experience. She guides them through childbirth classes, offering insights into various birthing options, pain management techniques, and the emotional and physical aspects of labor, delivery, and newborn care.

Rooted in love, knowledge, and unwavering support, Kendall blends her expertise with her innate nurturing nature to empower her clients. She believes that with the right support, they can overcome any challenge with confidence and resilience.

Specializing in the birthing process, Kendall eagerly awaits the opportunity to journey alongside you. When she’s not supporting her clients, you’ll find her on her yoga mat or exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado with her husband and two children.

Birth Doula Support: $2300

Kristen Estelle Schneck doula
Birth Doula (Birth Matters)
Postpartum Services
Lactation Consultant
Yoga Teacher
Carrot Approved

Kristen Estelle

Kristen’s passion for all things pregnancy, birth and parenthood began in 2008 when she had her first baby. Since then, she has become a mother of two, a yoga teacher, health coach, full spectrum doula, and lactation consultant.

Kristen has a diverse range of experience having attended over 100 births in many different hospitals since completing her doula training with Birth Matters in 2020. She is honored to be invited to support you on your journey no matter where you come from or what your family looks like. Kristen is proud of the network of resources, care providers and relationships she has built with fellow Doulas, OBs, Midwives and Nurses in the Denver/Boulder area. Part of the leadership team of the Denver Health Doula program and a Community Doula with Elephant Circle’s Expecting Chances, she has been invited to speak, teach and attend birth related events seeking to improve the landscape of birth in our country and is always seeking to learn and grow.

Pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding and parenting can be a lot to navigate. Kristen aims to support her clients with compassionate, trauma-informed, evidence-based, non-judgmental care. She holds space to address whatever comes up so families can show up to birth with confidence. Preparing you mentally, physically, and emotionally, she provides information, resources, guidance and advocacy to her clients as they navigate their unique adventure, helping them to feel empowered in their choices.

When not with her own kids or working with clients, Kristen loves being in nature, traveling to new places, frolicking with her dog, swimming, hiking, biking, snowboarding, and surfing.

​Birth Doula Support: $2300
Postpartum Support: $40/hour
Virtual/In-person consulting: $50/hour
Lactation consulting: $50/hour




Chelsea Dreyer doula
Birth Doula (DONA)
Carrot Approved

Chelsea Dreyer

Chelsea is a DONA International Certified Birth Doula. Her experience trying to conceive, to the pregnancy and birth of her son fueled her desire to help women through the same process.

Chelsea has a passion for helping women mentally and physically prepare for birth. Chelsea’s 10+ years as a communications professional in the healthcare space has given her extensive knowledge in navigating the complex healthcare system and how women can best advocate for themselves and their families. She provides a safe space for her clients and works collaboratively with providers to ensure her clients feel empowered with their experience.

When working with Chelsea you’ll get a compassionate, empathetic, and positive birth coach whose sole focus is helping support you and your family’s needs during this transformational time.

Chelsea is a triathlete and multiple 70.3 Ironman finisher. When she isn’t doing birthwork you can find her training for her next big race, hiking, and exploring all Boulder has to offer with her favorite boys – her son, her husband, and her chocolate lab, Jameson.Birth Doula Support: $1,800




Emily Vlietstra Doula
DONA trained Birth and Postpartum Doula

Emily Vlietstra

Emily is a DONA International-trained birth and postpartum doula, deeply committed to guiding individuals through transformative life experiences. She finds joy in supporting growing families from pregnancy through the 4th trimester. As a birth doula, Emily integrates her lifelong passion for photography into her work, capturing the intimate moments of the birthing process to provide families with treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

Those who work with Emily appreciate her calm and grounding presence and her ability to make uncharted territories easier to navigate and understand. When you choose Emily as your doula, you’re not just gaining a knowledgeable support person; you’re welcoming a trusted companion who will walk alongside you with compassion and encouragement. She is passionate about empowering her clients to embrace their innate strength, find their voice, and cultivate confidence on their parenting journey.

Before pursuing her calling as a doula, Emily obtained her MBA and spent over 10 years in the corporate world, where she learned the value of connecting with people on a personal level to better understand their motivations and desires. She is a skilled communicator who practices active listening in an effort to make others feel seen and heard, always striving to uncover the deeper needs and concerns behind every inquiry. These skills have greatly enriched her doula practice, allowing her to provide exceptional care to her clients and enhance their interactions with their broader care team.

When she’s not busy supporting families through pregnancy and beyond, Emily enjoys spending quality time with her husband, two children, and pups. She is an 8-time marathoner, avid thrifter, and amateur sourdough baker.

Birth Doula Support $1,200
Postpartum Support Daytime $40/hour
Postpartum Support Overnight $45/hour