Why Choose Us?

Continuity of care

continuity of care

We strongly believe in continuity of care that begins before birth and continues into the postpartum period. We value building strong relationships with our clients.


Balanced Beginnings Doulas was founded in 2003 and we have over 70 years of
cumulative experience supporting families.
Prenatal doulas

community resources

We are deeply rooted in the community and have connections to the best and most sought-after resources the Boulder and surrounding areas have to offer.



We welcome and support families from all backgrounds, supporting all birth paths and postpartum circumstances.
complementary photography doulas

complimentary photography

We offer photography to capture this magical time.

birth attendance

This is our labor of love, we only need to utilize back-up support 5% of the time for unforeseen circumstances.

Meet the Doulas

Lisa Waldo

Lisa Waldo

Lisa Waldo

Haley Brodsky

Lisa Waldo

Jenna Leigh

Lisa Waldo

Imani Williams

Lisa Waldo

Ellie White

Heather Trammell

Danielle Celis

Heather Trammell

Kendall Bullock

Heather Trammell

Jamie Bergren

Heather Trammell

Heather Trammell

Heather Trammell

Marie Nowacki Ford

Sarah Quintana

Sarah Quintana

Sarah Quintana

Kaylan Sharp

Sarah Quintana

Sarah Venzara

Sarah Quintana

Nathan Venzara

We strongly believe that every birthing person deserves access to doula support and will connect you with a doula within your budget.
Lisa Waldo Balanced Beginnings Doulas
Birth and Postpartum Doula

Lisa Waldo

Certified as a Birth and Postpartum Doula, Lisa has over 30 years of doula experience and is trained in the Bradley Method of childbirth. Since founding Balanced Beginnings Doulas in 2003, Lisa has supported hundreds of families in Boulder and surrounding areas. She has also worked as a Child Life Specialist and Activity Therapist in hospitals with children and families. She has a B.S. in Family and Child Development and has volunteered with abused children, pregnant teens, and youth groups and was also a Preschool Teacher.

Having worked as a Fitness Instructor for many years allows Lisa to integrate the importance of health and fitness into her work as a doula. Lisa values building relationships and providing continuity in care to families, supporting them through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. Living and traveling abroad have contributed to Lisa’s ability to engage with multicultural families.

Her accumulated education and experience enable her to thrive within varied family dynamics: supporting families with fertility issues, single mothers, mothers with a history of eating disorders or sexual abuse, grief and loss. When not busy with her four children, Lisa enjoys hiking, skiing, biking, photography and mountain living.

Birth Doula Support: Boulder County $2500
Postpartum Doula Support: $50/hr (4 hour minimum)
Virtual/In-Person Consulting: $100/hr
Photoshoot: $250 (for non-doula clients)

Hayley Brodsky

Birth Doula
Infant CPR Instructor
Yoga Teacher
Wilderness First Responder

Haley Brodsky

Haley is a DONA certified Birth Doula, with additional training in Spinning Babies techniques. She is also an Infant CPR Instructor through the American Red Cross and a certified Yoga Teacher. She has an MA in Environment and Development and back-ground in guiding wilderness experiences for children and adults alike. She finds nourishment in space of wilderness and the tender yet powerful space of birth.

Pregnancy and birth of her first son fueled the desire to work with women and families through this incredible rite of passage: BIRTH. The personal experience of the birth has also solidified her conviction for the compassionate care of a Doula. Years of experience as a guide, coach and mama contribute to her ability to ‘mother the mother’ during the birthing process.

Haley looks forward to holding space for both you and your partner, navigating the influx of information families receive during pregnancy, birth prep and birth, and to giving continued, grounded support while you bring your baby into the world. Haley is an avid climber and yogi. Free time will find her in the woods or mountains with her husband, two boys, very squirrelly dog and friends!

Birth Doula Support: Boulder County $2400
Virtual/In-Person Consulting: $90/hr
Infant CPR Class: $75-$150 per couple (group vs private class)

DONA Birth Doula
Childbirth Educator
Postpartum services
Prenatal/postnatal Yoga instructor

Jenna Leigh

Jenna is a DONA certified birth doula, who focuses on creating a safe space for her clients to explore all of the questions and emotions that come with transitioning into the great unknown. She is a certified prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor, and has created her own personal childbirth preparation course to help families feel informed and empowered throughout their journey. She holds a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies. For over a decade, Jenna has been fiercely committed to family advocacy.

Living abroad deepened Jenna’s spiritual awareness and is where she began her journey as a doula. With a strong passion for navigating life through her insight, she believes every mother can connect to her own inner strength in her ability to carry that power into motherhood.

Jenna is dedicated to supporting parents through a gentle, mindful and peaceful pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. She believes knowledge is power and is passionate about helping each woman understand that the main tool of a positive birth experience is knowing her own body.

She continues to further her education in order to have additional resources and tools for mothers and families. Jenna is enthusiastic about empowering women and gives families the confidence, guidance and support to navigate the most sacred journey of growing a family.

When she is not serving her community, you can find Jenna doing yoga, exploring the Rocky Mountains, chasing sunsets, listening to music and baking chocolate chip cookies.

Birth Doula Support: $2300 Denver, Boulder and the surrounding areas
Daytime Postpartum Support: $40/hr
Overnight Postpartum Support: $45/hr

Imani Williams
BEST Doulas certified Birth Doula
Whole Body Pregnancy trained PP Doula
Certified Nurse Assistant
ARC Infant CPR

Imani Williams

Imani is a certified Birth Doula and trained postpartum doula. Additionally, she is a CNA, trained lactation counselor, and certified in Infant CPR. Caring for others has always been a passion of Imani’s. She has worked with families for over 10 years and is inspired to do all she can to improve birth and postpartum outcomes for women of color.

As a labor and birth doula, Imani is a coach and cheerleader, a validator, a constant through the chaos. Imani looks forward to being a listening ear, a hand to squeeze, a shoulder to cry on. She will help you and your partner emotionally, physically, and mentally on one of the most challenging, but incredible days of your life. As a Postpartum Doula, she will continue to offer care and support while you settle in as a new family. She offers both daytime and overnight support.

When Imani is not busy supporting families, you will find her playing outside with her rescue dogs, Cooper and Remy, taking a dance class, or working as a board member with Bella Boutique Denver.

Birth Doula Support: $2000
Daytime Postpartum Support: $40/hr
Overnight Postpartum Support: $45/hr

Ellie White
Birth Doula
Placenta Encapsulation Specialist
Maternity/Birth/Newborn Photography

Ellie White

Ellie is a DONA certified birth doula with additional certifications in Spinning Babies techniques & in pregnancy, infant, and abortion loss through the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death. She has a B.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences and certifications in Park Ranger Technology and Outdoor Education. In addition to a background in early childhood education, Ellie is a board member of New Leaf Kitchen, a Cincinnati based non-profit organization, dedicated to teaching children the importance of cooking and nutrition. She has always been drawn to children. When Ellie was expecting her own children, she became fascinated and inspired by pregnancy and birth.

Ellie thrives on empowering her clients and advocating for their voice in their birthing journeys. Through her ever evolving doula career, Ellie has supported families through grief, loss, and abuse. She serves families at home, in hospitals, and at birth centers. She strives for all families to have a positive birthing experience full of compassion, nurturing, and love.

Her passion for birth and support were inspired from her own passage through birth and motherhood. Through her birth experience, she was drawn to support others the way her doula cared for her. Ellie’s passion for a positive birth journey fuels her model of care. In her free time, Ellie enjoys spending time hiking and camping with her husband, two daughters, and dog. She loves yoga, music, and travelling.

Birth Doula Support: starting at $2200
Placenta encapsulation: starting at $200
Maternity/newborn photography sessions: $350

Pediatric Nurse
Birth Doula
Postpartum Doula
Lactation trained

Danielle Celis

Danielle is a certified pediatric nurse, and a DONA licensed birth and postpartum doula. Additionally, she is a trained lactation counselor, and certified in Infant CPR and first aid. Danielle’s desire to become a birth and postpartum doula was realized after the birth of her second child, where she experienced what it meant to have labor and postpartum support. Danielle would love to bring the love and support she received to new families during this joyful time.

As a birth and postpartum doula, Danielle practices evidence-based care and deeply values continuity of care from pregnancy through the postpartum period. Though her own birth and postpartum journey was not always straightforward, it has allowed her to serve families with greater empathy and compassion. She strives to support all family members during this incredible–and sometimes challenging–time in life. In her free time, Danielle loves to explore and spend time with her husband, three amazing children and friends.

Birth Doula Support: $1800 (includes photography)
Postpartum Doula Support: Nightime $45 Daytime $40
Phone support: $60/hr



Kendall Bullock
Birth Doula
Yoga Teacher

Kendall Bullock

Kendall is a DTI Certified Full Spectrum Doula and a certified Yoga Teacher. She walks alongside her clients as a supportive guide throughout the entire reproductive story, from pregnancy to postpartum. Through her trainings, she has combined her knowledge of mind and body as a yoga teacher into the important role as a doula.

Being a mother of two, Kendall was inspired to dive into doula work after experiencing firsthand the significance of continuous support and advocacy during her first pregnancy. Enthralled by the endless learnings and teachings available, she continues to stay current in these offerings. Kendall brings her passion for this field, her experience in caring for others, and her unique, nurturing demeanor to support her clients throughout their pregnancies and birth. She believes that as long as clients are held with love and knowledge, they can navigate any obstacle with confidence and strength.

Kendall holds a specialized focus and passion for the birthing process and looks forward to hearing how she can support you along your journey. When she isn’t with her clients you will find her on her yoga mat or exploring the enchanting Colorado outdoors with her husband and two children.

Birth Doula Support: $1800

Postpartum Doula
FSI Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Jamie Bergren

Jamie is a DONA Certified Postpartum Doula as well as a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant with over 250 hours of training through the Family Sleep Institute. Guiding families through the early postpartum period is her passion. She specializes in newborn care, sleep, lactation, and postpartum wellness for new moms. She knows how the right support can change how new parents feel, empowering them to get through the day and enjoy their time with their baby. Healthy meals, a clean house, breastfeeding support, these things make all the difference in the beginning.

In Jamie’s work as a nanny for over 12 years, she saw first hand the struggles new families sometimes face. When she had her own babies, she truly understood what that attempt at survival really felt like: the exhaustion, the pain, the anxiety and fear that she wasn’t doing everything right. This led to her journey as a postpartum doula. She strives to offer parents the village dynamic that our culture is lacking.

Jamie lives with her husband and two young children in Arvada, Colorado.

Postpartum Doula Support: $45/hr (in-home or virtual)
Sleep Consulting: www.rockabyerockies.com

Heather Trammell

Postpartum Doula

Heather Trammell

Heather is a CAPPA certified postpartum doula who specializes in newborn care, lactation support, sleep coaching, cooking for families, and cultivating physical and emotional wellness for new mothers. Heather finds great joy in being able to help guide new parents through the struggles that can arise during the postpartum period, allowing them to focus on the joys that come along with a new baby.

​Heather’s love for supporting families started 20 years ago while helping her mom with their in-home child daycare. This work, along with the birth of her own son, led Heather to become a postpartum doula. Her own experience of the postpartum period has inspired the loving, intentional support that she provides to families during such a transitional time in their lives.

When not working you will find Heather enjoying the great outdoors with her husband, two small children and pup Lyla, or relaxing at home with a new cross-stitch.

Postpartum Doula Support: $45/hr
Overnight Support: $45/hr

Marie Nowacki Ford
DONA Postpartum Doula
Antepartum Care Professional

Marie Nowacki Ford

Marie is a DONA trained Postpartum doula with over a decade of newborn and infant care experience. Through her experience as a nanny, she fell in love with helping families through the journey of parenthood. She witnessed firsthand how chaotic life can be through pregnancy and after birth. She became a doula to help families navigate the stresses of new parenthood and enjoy their lives together with their new baby.

Marie aims to guide families through the entire journey into parenthood with a gentle, holistic approach. She specializes in hands-on education, physical and emotional support, feeding assistance, sleep training, cooking, and household organization. Her goal is to nurture parents in this vulnerable and intimate time, and empower them to care for their new child with confidence. A full fridge, clean home, and person to talk to can make all the difference! She also provides antepartum support to assist with birth planning, getting ready for baby, and any additional needs in the final trimester of pregnancy.

Beyond educational, physical and organizational support, there is a strong focus on emotional and mental health when working with Marie. She has a trauma-informed and inclusive approach; becoming a parent is a huge shift in identity and deserves to be treated with immense care and respect. Her education and experience allows her to assist with single parents, parents of advanced age, families who have experienced chronic illness, loss, eating disorders, anxiety, and sexual abuse. Marie also identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community.

When not working with families, Marie spends time with her parents or hikes with her husband and their two rescue dogs. She loves to cook healthy vegan meals and bake decadent cookies! She also is the co-founder of Newborn Nanny Consultants LLC which helps match families with qualified nannies.

Antepartum Support: $40/hour
Daytime Postpartum Support: $45/hour
Overnight Postpartum Support: $50/hour
Virtual Support: $45/hr
Nanny Placement: NewbornNannyConsultants@gmail.com

Sarah Quintana
RN BSN CO Nursing License
BLS and NRP Certified
IBCLC Certified

Sarah Quintana

Sarah is a nurse with over 25 years of experience in Postpartum, Newborn, NICU, and Lactation care. Sarah spent 9 yrs of her nursing career Mother Baby providing postpartum and newborn care. She also spent 13 years as NICU nurse taking care of the sick and preterm newborns . In addition Sarah spent 2 years as an IBCLC Consultant in the NICU supporting and educating families on their breastfeeding journey. Most recently she has been providing postpartum doula support to families and in home lactation consultations.

Sarah is passionate about supporting families during the 4th Trimester. She enjoys getting to know each family on a personal level in her role as a Doula and Lactation Consultant to ensure they develop a routine that meets their needs during this transition.

Sarah spends most of her free time with her 3 children. She also enjoys traveling to the mountains or the beach, watching sunsets, crafting, photography and is always up for a new adventure.

Postpartum Doula Days/Nights $45/hr singleton, $60/hr twins
Lactation Consulting Antepartum $150
Lactation Consulting Postpartum $200/hr

Kaylan Sharp

PCD(DONA) Postpartum Doula 
CAPPA Trained Childbirth Educator
Certified in Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED

Kaylan Sharp

Kaylan has a BS in Human Physiology and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She worked in the ICU for many years before leaving the bedside. She specializes in newborn care, lactation support and postpartum care of the mom and family. Her goal is to guide, empower and support families through this beautiful stage of life.

In her postpartum doula role and as a CLE, Kaylan assists in helping the family with breast and bottle feeding support, breast pump support, sleep support, physical and emotional health of the mom and family, baby wearing, nutrition/meal preparation, errands, household organization and baby laundry. Kaylan is available for daytime and nighttime support.

Kaylan is passionate about helping expecting families learn about pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period through evidence-based education. Please visit her website, www.babymamaco.com, to inquire about her childbirth, newborn care and postpartum classes.

When not supporting or educating families, Kaylan spends time with her incredibly supportive husband, Scott, and their 4 young children.

Postpartum Doula Support $45/hour for daytime support, $55/hour for overnight support, $60/hour for twins
Virtual/In-Person Consulting $60/hour
Class Prices $100-150/couple

Sarah Venzara
Trained Postpartum Care Practitioner

Sarah Venzana

Certified as a Birth Doula, and a trained Postpartum Care Practitioner, Sarah has been providing postpartum care to families for over 15 years. She is trained as a “Hug Your Baby” teacher, and is currently attending National College of Midwifery to become a RM, CPM. In her ongoing training and educational course work Sarah has gained valuable knowledge to nutritionally support postpartum families.

Working closely with postpartum families, Sarah recognized a common need for nutritional support. So, in 2022 she and her husband started cooking meals specifically to support the nutritional needs of new mothers and their newborns. Hence Doula at Your Door was born and they now prepare and deliver nourishing meals to families in and around Boulder County.

As a mother of three, Sarah is passionate about supporting postpartum mothers to feel held, safe, and nourished during this new season of life, and empowering them to make educated decisions in their parenting. Sarah loves cooking with her husband and three children (she and her daughter especially love to bake). You’ll also find Sarah out in nature as much as possible.

Postpartum Doula Day Support $55/hour (4 hour minimum)
Holistic Postpartum and Newborn Care Class $100/hour
Class Prices $375 (private class), $175 (group class) per couple
Nourishing Meals: view menu and order at www.doulaayourdoor.com

Nathan Venzara

Food Doula
Certified Food Safety Manager
Commercial Photographer/Videographer

Nathan Venzana

Nathan Venzara is a commercial food and beverage photographer/videographer with a passion for local food. Before cooking up Doula At Your Door with his wife Sarah, Nathan spent many years in the restaurant industry managing and building a small restaurant chain, developing menus and cooking for large and small catering events. Food safety is especially important when cooking for postpartum families. That’s why Nathan is a certified food safety manager and cooks everything out of a licensed and inspected commercial kitchen in Longmont. Nathan is grateful to put his love for cooking to work serving mothers and families alongside his wife.

Fun fact: Nathan and Sarah used to live and work on an organic vegetable farm so eating local is near and dear to their hearts. With the abundance of organic farms growing nutritious food right here in Boulder County, their fridge is always full of seasonal produce and that’s exactly how they approach postpartum meals.

Nourishing Meals: view menu and order at www.doulaayourdoor.com