Committed to improving birth and postpartum outcomes by providing continuity of care.


Balanced Beginnings Doulas support families through all types of births—natural, medicated, cesarean, and VBAC—and work with a range of baby temperaments, preemies, and multiples. As birth doulas, we help educate and empower a birthing person and their partner with knowledge, confidence, and trust to prepare them for the experience of childbirth. As postpartum doulas, we nurture and support the whole family, helping all family members grow into the new rhythm of their evolving roles and expanding responsibilities.

In 1988, Lisa’s vision of the group began with providing pro bono support to BIPOC teenagers, and in 2003, she founded Balanced Beginnings Doulas. As one of the first and most respected doula groups in the Boulder area, we have collectively served 1000s of families.

Client Love

“This woman is outstanding. I had recently moved here when I found Lisa and what a gift. Not only was I supported throughout my pregnancy, but she was by my side in labor on Christmas Eve, no less! It was a truly beautiful day and couldn’t have been more perfect. My son had difficulties immediately after birth and we went to the NICU. Lisa, again, stayed by my side and helped me navigate a very difficult situation. I believe she is the reason I was able to come out on top and enjoy a beautiful first year of life with my son (and he is healthy as can be). LOVE this woman.”

-Ashleigh Rose, 2020

“Balanced Beginnings Doulas provide amazing care to the women in our community. Families who work with this group will be ensured incredible support and advocacy throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. As a midwife in the community, I feel lucky when my patients choose Balanced Beginnings Doulas because I know how much love and support they will receive. Their commitment to continuity in care and collaborating with a patient’s team creates an ideal experience for families”

-Paige Swales, CNM

“To all the mamas out there looking for a redemptive, healing birth, look no further than Lisa and her team. She and her tribe helped me find my way to catharsis and healing after a traumatic first birth experience with a different team, and I’m forever grateful for the truly invaluable gift she was able to give me. Lisa and Balanced Beginnings Doulas are absolutely earth-shatteringly great and if you dream of a healing, meaningful birth filled with presence and purpose, hire her immediately.”

-Katie Johnson