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"I highly recommend Balanced Beginnings Doulas. The group works with a professional, warm and open approach, helping their clients to have the best experience possible, whatever that looks like for each client. They support both allopathic and integrative medicines, allowing for Western and Eastern philosophies to come together. Having been a labor and delivery nurse prior to my being an acupuncturist, I always recommend a doula to those planning a hospital birth. I send those I care about and work with to Balanced Beginnings Doulas."
Molly McIntyre, RN, L.AC - Boulder
suporting labor“As a specialist in postpartum depression prevention and treatment, I am consistently collaborating with other professionals in the community when supporting moms. Having a doula at a birth and/or postpartum is a proven way to reduce symptoms of emotional distress postpartum and, because of this, I have had the honor or working with Lisa and her team on numerous occasions. I am immeasurably impressed by the dedication, skill, and insight that this team offers the moms and families who they support, and I wholeheartedly trust their professionalism and skill in providing doula care. There have been occasions when Lisa and Balanced Beginnings Doulas have played a major role in the reduction of postpartum depression and anxiety symptoms. Moms are more likely to be emotionally healthy because of them.”
Kate Kripke, LCSW
The Postpartum Wellness Center of Boulder

“The Balanced Beginnings Doulas begin their relationships with their clients long before the labor process begins. The doulas do things with their clients that establish a familiarity and trust that is invaluable during labor and after the baby is born. Perhaps that is a shopping trip to purchase the "mama-must-haves" and/or the "baby-must-haves". Perhaps that is a hike in our foothills. Perhaps that is a trusted referral to a community professional. The "sisterhood" that the doulas establish with their clients is critical to supporting the birth of a child. The trust is also what makes inviting one of the Balanced Beginnings Doulas into ones home a familiar comfort and not an imposition."
Stephanie Moore, RN, BSN, IBCLC

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"Over the years, I've seen Lisa work with numerous patients and families from birth through adolescence; she is reliable, responsible and wholeheartedly dedicated to any task she undertakes. We're lucky to have Balanced Beginnings Doulas in our community; their kind, loving spirit and resourcefulness benefits so many young families. I recommend their services with absolute confidence."
Jill Kamon, MD Pediatrician – Boulder

suporting laborHeading into the birth of our second child, we felt a great appreciation for April. We did not have a doula for our first and were a little uncertain if we really needed another individual in the delivery room, but could not have done it without April. She made us feel safe and in good hands. She knew her place and provided just the right amount of support to both of us throughout the entire process. After a traumatizing first birth resulting in an emergency caesarian, I was a bit hesitant to go for a VBAC, but April encouraged me and made me feel confident, and it was reassuring to know she would be there through labor, delivery and postnatally. Her love and support to our family was a true blessing and we will forever be grateful to April! We know who will be on speed dial for number 3!
Taylor & Peter, Parents - Denver

Having a doula was the best investment I’ve ever made. Jennie was a life saver. She was there with me through every hard contraction with a soothing touch and encouraging words. After 36 hours of labor, I naturally gave birth to my son. I'm so grateful for Jennie, she helped me to have the natural birth that I envisioned.
MJ, Mother Oahu,HI

"Dia is incredibly supportive and calm, bringing a positive influence into the birthing room. I had the pleasure of working together with her during a very long labor and she was instrumental in helping the family have an empowering birth."
Dr. Jennifer Blattner, MD, FACOG

suporting laborSiobhan embodies fierce grace in the presence she brings to birth work. For the birth of my first child, she listened attentively and tuned-in intuitively to my needs, the babies needs, and the spirit of the birth. Her input was precise and protective as she supportively wove a container of safety and sacredness. Her devotion to the sacredness of birth served me and my family in a way we could not have known how to ask for. I consider Siobhan an inseparable part of our family now.
Miriah, Mother

"Lisa's expertise is coupled with compassion and skill in her work with women and their families. Pregnancy is a special time of nurturing for mom and baby, yet often anxiety and stress accompany pregnancy for many reasons. I have observed Lisa valuable contribution to our families in helping mom's cope with the uncertainty that may accompany pregnancy."
Nancy English Ph.D. RN

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Jennie Hitchcock was an answer to prayer when it came to my VERY difficult delivery. She worked with my husband and myself weeks prior to labor answering many questions and also coming up with a few different game plans depending on what kind of progress and pain I was in. Unfortunately, my epidural stopped working and my poor baby was stuck for a few hours. If it was not for Jennie by my side, I am not sure what I would have done. She came up with many positions for me to move, brought many different props to help keep me comfortable, and AMAZING massage skills. Jennie is calm, patient, and nurturing. I trusted her the entire time. We are VERY blessed to have shared the experience with Jennie and could not think of it without her.

suporting laborAs with so many things about the premature birth of our daughter, the unplanned turned out to be a blessing. April arrived at the hospital before us to set up the room to be as peaceful as possible. She jumped in to help me through contractions, which for me meant a lot of hands-on physical work to provide pressure on my hips, and she never tired. Without speaking for me or pressuring me in any way, she would remind me of all my options at every step, and she gently helped to make sure everyone followed my directives. During the scariest, most taxing time of my life, April was able to bring calm steadfastness and focus, that without the birth we planned, still gave me and my baby the birth we wanted and needed. We are so grateful.
Elise & Adam, Parents - Boulder

suporting labor“We decided to hire Lisa after the recommendation from friends who had a wonderful experience with her. Having her there for the birth of our son made the entire process beautiful and special. Her expertise and support put both of us at ease and made us feel much more comfortable through the whole process. We felt like we had an advocate, someone who was there to make sure that the entire experience was a positive one, and I don't know how we would have gotten through the birth without her. She especially helped take the pressure off my husband and eased his mind when things got tough. It was also great to have Lisa help with the baby after birth - I felt completely comfortable leaving him with her long before I would have hired a sitter.

I have friends who have worked with other doulas and none of them offered the full range of support and services that Balanced Beginnings Doulas does. After all the hours Lisa spent with us, we feel that she is worth every penny - and we would actually pay triple the price for everything she does. We would never consider having another baby without having Lisa with us the whole way."
Jennifer, Mother – Louisville
Our first born daughter, was a full 2-day adventure at the hospital. She arrived at almost 42 weeks so our hospital experience included many interventions from induction to epidural to cesarean. A baby takes a village and we are so grateful that Siobhan is part of our community. Siobhan made sure that my husband and I could comfort and care for each other, brought clarity to moments of uncertainty and advocated for us throughout the process. I don’t think I could have lasted more than 3 hours without her. I’m thankful for our entire experience. As an added bonus, her Ayurvedic and postpartum care was critical in my recovery from the first moments after delivery to the weeks that followed.
Jen, Mother
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suporting labor"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Balanced Beginnings Doulas! They came to me when my twin girls were 9 weeks old, and I was most overwhelmed - my daughters were premature and quite small; they had feeding troubles, terrible reflux, and issues with nursing. On top of helping me care for my babies, allowing me to get sleep, helping with light housework and cooking healthy meals, they were there to listen and give much-needed advice. Their care and positive attitudes gave me the confidence I needed. One of my dearest wishes was to nurse my babies. Breastfeeding did not get off to a good start in the hospital, and I was terribly sad to think I may not ever be able to nurse my babies. They worked tirelessly with me to help that wish come true – their encouragement helped me to not lose hope. By the end of their 6 weeks working with us, both of my babies were nursing happily!"
Kellee, Mother of Twins - Longmont
I cannot imagine our birth experience without April. She was calm and kind and so much fun! She helped my partner and I work through our worries and gave us wonderful tools to use to help prepare for our baby's arrival. Although a cesarean birth was the last thing I had wanted, our baby had other plans! I struggled with this partially because of my previous trauma history. Thank goodness for April. She was so nurturing and connected-she was with me every step of the way through the whole process and really allowed me to stay present and feel joy when otherwise I might have been too upset. She not only took care of me, but also supported my partner tremendously. April was so loving and wise, I just cannot imagine going through the process without her. In addition to supporting us emotionally, April was an amazing advocate for us, always helping us weigh all of our options thoughtfully. Thank you so much for everything April, words cannot express our gratitude!
Jessie and Mike, Parents - Boulder
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Jennie's support during my pregnancy and labor was critical to both my husband and me. This was our first child, so we had no idea what to expect. Her knowledge and experience put us at ease; she helped us through the physical parts of labor but she also reassured us emotionally. It made all the difference to know we were not going through it alone and had someone who knew exactly what we wanted and could advocate for our preferences in the delivery room. She has exactly the kind of warmth and energy that we wanted as we greeted our son upon his long awaited arrival.
suporting laborWith Dia as my birth doula, I was able to give birth naturally - despite a very long labor. Dia was integral in helping me to believe in my strength, and she was an incredible source of comfort for both my husband and me in the delivery room.
As my postpartum doula, Dia was always encouraging me to find and then trust my inner wisdom when making all sorts of decisions regarding my daughter’s needs. Whenever Dia came to my house my husband would compliment me on how calm the baby and I were that day! I can’t recommend Dia enough.
Jen - Boulder
"My sweet baby boy is now a year and half and I still, everyday, am so grateful for Siobhan's love and support. Her presence in our postpartum allowed for our transition into familyhood to be smooth and graceful and allowed me for my full healing, which I feel has enabled me to be the best mother I can be in every moment. Her calming energy is a balm for postpartum time. She is attentive and gentle, peaceful and a joy to have around. All of these qualities made it easy for me to have her be the first person, other than grandma, to hold my baby. If I have another baby soon, I suppose I will have to move to Colorado."
Annie, Mother