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Lisa Waldo
Lisa Waldo
Birth and Postpartum Doula

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Certified as a Birth and Postpartum Doula, Lisa has over 30 years of doula experience and is trained in the Bradley Method of childbirth. Since founding Balanced Beginnings Doulas in 2003, Lisa has supported hundreds of families in Boulder and surrounding areas. She has also worked as a Child Life Specialist and Activity Therapist in hospitals with children and families. She has a B.S. in Family and Child Development and has volunteered with abused children, pregnant teens and youth groups and was also a Preschool Teacher.

Having worked as a Fitness Instructor for many years, allows Lisa to integrate the importance of health and fitness into her work as a doula. Lisa values building relationships and providing continuity in care to families, supporting them through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Living and traveling abroad have contributed to Lisa’s ability to engage with multicultural families.

Her accumulated education and experience enable her to thrive within varied family dynamics: supporting families with fertility issues, single mothers, mothers with a history of eating disorders or sexual abuse, grief and loss. When not busy with her four children, Lisa enjoys hiking, skiing, biking, photography and mountain living.

Dia Ingalls
Dia Ingalls
Birth and Postpartum Doula
HypnoBirthing Educator
Student Midwife

cell 720.352.2238

Witnessing and supporting births for the last twenty five years has been a deep mission and dream-come-true for Dia. She feels inspired and energized by the privilege of attending physiologic birth in its beauty and grace. In addition, studying pre-med in university, working in medical offices and hospitals has given Dia an appreciation for the value and necessity of Western medicine.

Dia’s desire to holistically support her clients inspires her doula practice to be rooted in a profound trust in the bodies of pregnant women together with a respect for medical options that exist today. Along with her midwifery training at a birth clinic in El Paso, TX she also studied under Ina May Gaskin on The Farm in Tennessee and is a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner. Her training and experience as a massage therapist and Pilates instructor compliment her birth and postpartum work, allowing her to support women on various stages of their journey. To learn more about Dia's other offerings please visit

The depth of Dia’s background has at its foundation a practice of presence that enables her to support all women with whatever choices they make for themselves and their families. Outside of supporting families, Dia loves spending time with her family, singing, hiking, and cooking.

Jennie Hitchcock
Jennie Hitchcock
Birth and Postpartum Doula
CD (Childbirth International)
Licensed Massage Therapist
Ayurvedic Care
Certified Yoga Instructor

cell 720.595.0181

Supporting mothers as a doula and massage therapist is Jennie’s calling in life. For over a decade she has provided continuous care for her clients through her doula and massage work. Jennie brings her hands on approach, along with her experience working in many different hospitals with a variety of birth scenarios. She is a certified doula through Childbirth International and is a Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in pre and postnatal massage.

Jennie embraces a holistic approach in her work. She and her husband had the opportunity to travel all over the Americas and Asia, which has greatly contributed to her ability to serve families with an open heart and mind. Along her travels she obtained a certification in Ayurvedic cooking and also completed her Yoga Teacher Training Certification. Jennie welcomes the opportunity to provide postpartum Ayurvedic cooking and massage to her clients.

Empowering partners is something Jennie deeply values. She offers private and group classes, teaching prenatal massage to partners. Along with these classes, she loves teaching parents and caregivers infant massage. Jennie has also assisted in teaching Bradley childbirth classes and enjoys educating families about the birth process.

Jennie nurtures her spirit by getting out in nature. Hiking, snowboarding, gardening, paddle boarding and spending time with her husband are a few of the things that bring her joy. Jennie welcomes the opportunity to provide postpartum cooking and massage to her clients.

Dia Ingalls
Danielle Donaldson
Birth and Postpartum Doula
Newborn Care Specialist
Yoga & Mindfulness
Meditation Instructor
Bereavement Doula

cell 720.646.2150

Danielle is a DONA certified Birth and Postpartum Doula. Her doula support services and nurturing care come judgement free and she strives always to meet families' needs with ease, flexibility and loving kindness. Her extensive experience helps support families through a variety of birth scenarios, from home births to cesareans and everything in between.

She has a penchant for postpartum and newborn care and is passionate about supporting families as they welcome their babies home and adjust to the changes, demands, and joys of parenthood. Her gregarious nature, non-judgmental and down-to-earth approach puts families at ease, allowing them to trust that they are fully supported. Danielle’s scope of support includes pregnancy and birth, postpartum, and newborn care.

She specializes in overnight care and family sleep support. She has experience supporting families in the NICU and babies with emergent special needs. She’s also available to help out with sibling childcare, aid with the adoption and foster care process, offers sleep consultations, training and overnight care, and supports bereavement and loss. She stays up to date on evidence based birth, postpartum and infant care research and continues her education with ongoing professional trainings. For wellness and fun, Danielle cycles, practices yoga and meditation daily, laughs with her loved ones, and explores the beauty of Colorado. To learn more about Danielle’s offerings please visit,

Siobhan Asgharzadeh
Siobhan Asgharzadeh
Postpartum Doula
Licensed Massage Therapist
Dream guide

cell 505.255.4570

After over seven years of working with families in the birthing realm, Siobhan has realized that her greatest gift lies in weaving more meaning into the birthing experience through starting a conscious dialogue with Soul. Through dreamwork, active imagination, working with myths and fairytales about initiation, and facilitating nature sojourns, Siobhan companions women into listening for the deeper messages wanting to come through in this precious time. She is also gifted in supporting women in creating rituals and ceremonies unique to the individuals to mark and celebrate their passage into motherhood.

Siobhan has been a massage therapist for over 12 years and has been trained in both prenatal and postnatal massage(abhyanga-warm oil massage), as well as an osteopathic energy medicine technique called core synchronism, which is similar to the more common known cranial sacral work. This modality is great in preparation for birth, as well as after birth to support the bones into their true alignment. She also has been trained as a postnatal Ayurvedic chef. In realizing that each mama eats so differently she is able to use the principles to create meal plans that support mamas physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Siobhan is also trained as a death doula and is available to support families with the grief of loss, whether it be a miscarriage, a stillborn, a medical decision, an abortion or another family member who passes during the birthing time.

To check my availability and book a massage at my office: To book a dream work session or any home services please text or email.

Alyssa Megeath
Alyssa Megeath
DONA International
Trained Birth Doula
Ayurved Sadhana Trained
Postpartum Doula
Insurance Advocate

cell 857.249.1224

Alyssa Megeath has worked within patient advocacy, education, and outcomes within the healthcare arena for the past six years. She has a B.A. in Biology with a concentration in pre-medicine from Regis College (Weston, MA) and has completed various human growth and development courses.

While working in a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic, Alyssa became passionate about working with expecting, new, and seasoned parents. She is passionate about providing each one of her clients with scientific-based evidence on birth and the postnatal period.

When Alyssa is not at a birth or assisting families’ with the transition home with a newborn, she continues her education with ongoing professional training, such as Spinning Babies Workshops and Ayurvedic Care, Cooking, and Wellness for Mother and Baby. In addition to physical, emotional, and educational support, Alyssa has a background in medical insurance billing and can answer any medical insurance questions you may have.

Alyssa has worked within the rock climbing industry as a climbing and fitness instructor for almost a decade. She enjoys spending time with her son and husband outdoors during her free time. Read more about Alyssa here:

Liz Blackwell
Liz Blackwell
First Aid/CPR Instructor

cell 303.819.4779

Over the past 15 years Liz has supported hundreds of families through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum journey. As a licensed Nurse and Certified Lactation Counselor, with years of labor and delivery experience, she has a deep knowledge and understanding of the perinatal experience. Liz’s true inspiration is supporting families as only a doula can, with providing continuity of care that extends beyond the time spent in the hospital. Liz strives to optimize successful breastfeeding for families who chose to breastfeed, and has spent countless hours supporting families with breastfeeding challenges.

Working in the local school district, she also pulls from a background in family development. Liz has been privileged to work with a myriad of family dynamics; including fertility and perinatal challenges, teen parents, military, culturally diverse families, GTBLQ, single parents, parents struggling with grief and loss and trauma survivors. She feels deeply that patience, kindness and acceptance are paramount to creating the relationships that are most valuable during this time.

After studying photography in college, Liz has loved capturing life’s special moments over the last 20 years with her photography work. As a mother of 3, and having lived in Boulder for the past two decades, she deeply values the experiences and relationships that we can build in our community. In her free time you will find Liz and her family with a packed Eurovan headed to the mountains for an adventure.

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